Machat has been a worldwide entertainment guru, music publisher, manager of music talent, and record label owner as well as film producer, among other commercial endeavors. His clients have included Electric Light Orchestra, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins,Ready for the World, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, Stacey Jackson, Snoop Dogg, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Manu DiBango, Rita Lee,and new artists from Sweden, Yung Lean and The Sad Boys.

Steven Machat was born on the 18th October 1952 at 7.29pm in Manhattan, New York, USA.
Machat’s recollection of his childhood in NYC was as an electric and creative place to develop, where he was encouraged by his parents to be an independent thinker and to think outside the box of ‘life’.

Roslyn Machat, Machat’s mother, whom he loved unconditionally and he then looked after her through her later years until her passing, as Machat describes, “On October 23, 2009. The day my Mom left Earth” after suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

Marty Machat, his father, was an entertainment lawyer with links to some of the most famous artists and legends of our time. His father allowed him to engage with his musicians, film and TV personalities he represented, intrigued and lured by the burgeoning music business that spanned from NY and LA to the UK. Steven continued his fathers’ legacy in law and music. He also dabbled in acting – his first role was playing a ‘peanut’ in the peanut gallery on Howdy Doody in 1958.

Machat understood that his parents weren’t perfect, and recognised that he was his own creation.  Through his non-judgemental attitude towards his parents and their faults, he tried to initiate those which he did not like in himself.  Although in his opinion they lacked communication and empathy, and Machat considers everyone in his community and has lived that code regardless of their genetic and community classification.

Machat played chess, all sports and loved to gamble, his maternal step-grandfather, Charlie, a bookie, advised him, from a young age to “always bet on yourself, do not bet what you cannot afford to lose or cannot navigate the road to your outcome”.  In later years, Machat recognised that the three generations of men shared a similar mind set, describing his father as “having a mind that played chess, not checkers.” Learnings that, shaped the man Machat is today.

A dreamer who grew up with dreamers who were not like anyone else.  They followed their rhythms and understood their rhymes. A boy who constantly questioned and tested people until he found answers, including his teachers, however, this inquisitive boy learnt from an early age it wasn’t just about what society dictated, but the importance of the ‘school of life.’

His mother was an athlete and an excellent tennis player, and in today’s world he believes she could have internationally competed.

His father, an only child of two immigrants, came to the States from what is today, Lithuania (Grandfather) and Dubrovnik (Grandmother).

Machat’s grandfather owned silent movie theatres, a well-respected man in Brooklyn, who booked the shows first.  The entertainment world was to collapse, just as Machat’s father, Marty was coming of age.  His grandfather couldn’t save or anticipate the revolution of the industry and lost his world. With much sadness, his Grandfather became a real estate agent which he hated, and his dreams were destroyed.  His son, Machat’s father, was a lost soul, and joined the army at the start of the war.  Becoming a sergeant and fought in World War Two in the Northern European campaign.   Returning from the war, GI Machat was offered a vocational school of choice. His choice was Law, it would see him rise from the low middle class life. However, he was called a Jew, which Marty Machat objected to, and called himself a Hebrew, but in those days, he didn’t allow him to join the big firms so started his own business, a negligence lawyer learning to navigate the court system.  With entertainment clients on his books, he manoeuvred into a profitable sector of music and movie arts. 

Free of any inhibitions as to who they were and their status, Machat had no problem searching for answers, and instinctively knew how to read people. His father worked with 6 times world champion boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson, who would come to Roselyn for its hills, which made a great location for training.  Machat would ride his bike next to Ray when he came to visit, and Ray taught him more than any school could teach. To “be quick minded, be in control of your senses and not let anyone become more important than you and always take care of your body.”  This was a pivotal interaction and reaffirmed his curiosity and thirst to expand his knowledge of the world and people around him.

Machat has always been connected to spirit since he was a young boy when he would talk in his bedroom and see vibrations of whom he was told was called ’Sue’. Later, he was told that Sue was in fact called ‘SSU’.  This connection with SSU was very real and very present, and SSU told Machat that should his father ask who he was talking to, he should say ‘football’ and should his mother ask, he should be called ‘Raggedy Ann’, like the doll – Sue.

In 1957 whilst living with his parents in Brooklyn, he was in bed one evening, his parents were hosting Clyde Otis a music producer with Aretha Franklin at the house. Playing poker. SSU told him to ask his parents about ‘Vicksburg and the civil war’.

Machat climbed out of his bed and walked to his father and told him ‘football’ asked him to ask about Vicksburg and the civil war.

Clyde Otis was from Vicksburg area of Mississippi and his family line was there during the American Civil War. Sharecroppers. The look on Clyde’s face was of shock.  His father told him to leave the room telling Machat ‘Footballs questions were only for him’.

His mother was aware of ‘something’ as Machat was born on the 18th October and she made his full name have 18 letters ‘Steven Elliot Machat’.  She consciously did this for Steven and not his other siblings.  (2 sisters and a brother).  18 is a magical number in many cultures.  She also said she heard a bird tell her to make his name 18 letters as he was born on the 18th.  His mother admitted later in life, that she was apprehensive of Machat’s questions, many of which she was unable to answer, even when he was a small boy. 

This communication with spirit ended when he went to Jr. High school. However, he applied as a Native American not really understanding that he was not a Native American in their eyes. He was accepted at Stanford Law School.  When he received the enrolment pack, he was asked which Native American tribe he was part of.  Energy told him to attend Vanderbilt in Nashville and not get into that fight.  This was to shape his life, and also keep the peace at home.

Growing up around the likes of Frank Sinatra, and many more legends of our time was nothing other than ‘the norm’ for Machat.  You’d imagine Machat would have been in awe of Frank Sinatra when they first met in 1968 when he was 16.  Not at all. Machat talked to him like he was his best friend, kidding around and Sinatra responded to Machat with that loving energy only an enlightened man would share. Marty Machat revelled in watching his son interact with such natural confidence and at that moment in time realised his son’s worth.  He would not only be a father to Machat but one day, be his partner in Law and Business. His father knew that after time, his son would be more than capable of taking over.

Machat saw Sinatra’s light, with his ability to read people, he read his confidence and learned you must be able to laugh at yourself.  ‘Strength’ and how a man can share his light was Machat’s takeaway from his Sinatra interactions.

Although when asked who is Machat’s hero, his answer is simply “My heroes are those who follow their own path and learn the reasons why they had the path.”  He understood that we are all human and subject to the rules of insecurities and fake self-worth and self-doubt.  Machat lives in ‘truth’ and admits the older he gets the easier it has become. 

In 1970 Machat’s father encouraged his son to study accounting.  Machat graduated from the University of Miami, as Bachelor of Business Admin (BBA) Majored in Accounting. He then went onto working for Zolt and Lomis, CPA’s learning the accounting procedures for music and its related activities from record companies, publishing and bands. His father and Leonard Cohen had finished their tour of Europe and Israel, they were in the process of recording “Bird On A Wire”.  They had encountered technical problems throughout the tour which led to unrest with many fans who wanted refunds. Cohen’s tour stopped at Jerusalem, Binyanei Hauma, and Leonard took acid before the concert so he could excuse himself for not doing it!  In the film Machats’ father is seen talking Leonard into going on stage and performing.

Leonard was supposed to get on stage and promised Machat that he would make an announcement, that a Jew is fiction and promised he would tell his following in Israel. He backed down.  Machat considered him a coward, and all his talk about being an individual confirmed Machat’s thoughts of Leonard being all talk and no action, a ‘coward’.  For years, Leonard had told Machat that Jew is a made up Roman term, not a religion, it was a Yud, called today Judea and the people of Judea (if you believe the myth), got the Romans who were in charge to kill Jesus.  Jesus died a Hebrew, and Machats book Book of Earth Opus Two – Taking Jesus off the Cross, goes into this fiction of Jews killing Jesus. 

The original edit of ‘Bird On A Wire’ was thought to have been lost, it had not received tremendous coverage and the BBC decided not to broadcast it, and for almost 4 decades disappeared from circulation.

In the fall of 1975- 1977, Machat worked with the Tennessee public defender’s department in Davidson County, Nashville, TN specialising in parole cases. A place where he quickly recognised that “wearing a suit made you become a pencil”.   Wearing a tie on the other hand was suffocating. Of which he vocalised one day in court. He strode in not wearing a tie.  The judge, horrified by this slap-dash behaviour summoned him to Chambers before trial.  Machat refused to represent his client if made to wear one, explaining to the judge he simply felt strangled and couldn’t breathe.  His persuasive charm allowed him to get his own way, and ‘Tiegate’ was waved due to ‘medical conditions’.

In 1976, he was an alternate delegate from Tennessee for Jimmy Carter representing the Cherokee Indians at the Democratic Convention in NYC, NY.

Machat returned to LA in 1977, working with his father at the law firm as well as Inter Global Records (a label his father with Lou Reizner, the legendary producer, founded) - top artists Riccardo Cocciante and American artist Roger Harcourt. The law firm’s clients were Doug Morris and Big Tree Records, Philadelphia International, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Charisma Records, etc.

After he Graduated Vanderbilt Law School, receiving a Juris Doctorate, a doctor of Law, and living with Leonard Cohen, announced he was now ready to return to Tennessee and his goal was to set up his life as a politician in Nashville. 

He had completed his Bar Exams in New York and California and in Tennessee he was waved into the bar, this would enable him (in his second year of law school) to become a public defender in Davidson County, Tennessee.

His father was unimpressed with talk of Tennessee, and made an introduction to Freddy Beinstock, American music publisher, responsible for soliciting and selecting songs for Elvis Presley’s early albums and films.

Machat’s father wanted him to go to London and create the vehicle that would then have produced “Elvis” in the West End. Initially Machat objected, then the lure of being offered a practice in London and an opportunity to build clients was too much to decline.

Machat helped Carlin Music put together the Elvis Presley theatrical show in London, which was a huge success and witnessed working on the production of theatre which was a far cry from filming movies.  Machat, a natural producer and wise enough to understand what positions the team undertake and his recognition for the people who work for him to be the best they can be in that position.  He still carries that ethos.

This highly intelligent well-read young man had, and still has, the ability to absorb information like a sponge, learned physics (meta and quantum physics), politics, history, religion and in fact, any book he can lay his hands on. His retention of information, facts and dates are a blessing to Machat, who is quite simply one of the most intelligent and engaging men of our time.  His interest in educating himself so that he could learn how the few got the many, to let the few rule over the many. Everything that did not yet exist was his goal to see how to create.  Although he started his commercial career in 1978 as a law partner with his father at their law firm Machat & Machat, his passion was within the music and film industry and all the arts.

His father knew Machat’s assets and lack of fear from day one, to complete his chess board pieces as well as his own pieces.  Two different energies, his father opened doors so his son could explore people and why we do the things we do through song, dance and clothing. Machat believes that the rhythm of our matrix is why he is here on earth - to open up.

1978-1988 - Machat & Machat law firm, he was his father’s partner, a vision that had come to fruition as far as his father was concerned, and both were extremely proud to be working together. The firm’s clients were Leonard Cohen partnered with Leonard Cohen’s Stranger Music publishing co, which began with his father in 1969, Phil Spector - Spector Records & publishing, Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Cerrone, Julien Clerc, Jet Records & Management (business and legal affairs for ELO, Alan Price, The Blizzard of Oz & Ozzie Osbourne), Gary Moore, et al)

Machat married his first wife in 1979, Lisa Benson who was Miss California and an actress.

Machat’s career was launching successfully, in the UK, ELO and their gangster management ‘Don Arden’ who worked with Jet Records.  Machats father was nervous of Don’s reputation, however, true to form Machat wasn’t nervous of anyone  and wrapped up the contract and worked with Don, as his ‘Consigliare’ and his son David.

In 1978 Machat worked on the music for the movie The Stud, starring Joan Collins. The Machat’s were also legal advisors to Collins.  The Stud, was to then secure her role in the hit TV show Dynasty. Playing Alexis Carrington. Machat describes her as a Pac-Man of outrageous proportions.  Collins taught Machat how a female flirty diva mind works.  He also managed French musical artist Cerrone.

In 1979 (-1985) was to be the opening of Pavilion Records an associated record label at CBS Records. 

1980-1989 Machat Opened AMI Management. From managing and marketing careers and various artists from around the world, such as; John Waite (US), Krisma (Italy), Franco Battiato (Italy), Rita Lee (Brazil), Gilberto Gil (Brazil), Yellow Man (Jamaica), WOMAD (world of music arts and dance)/ Real World Records in Bath, England, Donnie Osmond, Bobby Brown, Ready for the World, New Edition, Colonel Abrams and more.  Machat was more than making a name for himself internationally. He also partnered with Stevo in Some Bizzare Records. His first hit was Soft Cell (Tainted Love),  The, Psychic TV, and many others (see CD left with MIKE).

Then the magical arrival of his first born, Margaux Lorraine Machat was born in NYC, NY on the 8th January 1983.

1984 – Machat was forced to act on the TV show Paper Dolls with John Waite.

In 1986 Machat was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which made him reevaluate his body and how he had been treating it. He learnt to understand his body and drew his mind back to the talks with Sugar Ray Robinson on the hills in Roslyn where he told him as a young boy to always look after his body.

Machat and Lisa were then blessed with a boy, Barron Alexander Machat who arrived on the 25th June 1987.

Then tragedy struck as his beloved father, Marty Machat, died in 1988, diagnoses:  lung, brain and throat cancer. Machat’s belief is that this incident tried to get him off the clear light path to the message.  As there was much speculation as to how his father exactly died. This happened during the night before he was taking a flight from LA to join his father for lunch in NYC. 

This tragedy allowed him to see the pieces in harmony with his higher powers and learned that we are all moving in rhythms and negative energies that enter our Aura, we must learn to create a shield to lock out the negative thoughts and energies.

Machat describes himself as living in ‘truth’ which he admits is easier as he becomes older, and has kept him on his path to ascension out of this matrix – a pyramid structure.  Away from a world of lies and deception.

You may think that’s the end of the Machat & Machat story – however, his belief is that his father has taken his after-earth life with him and they are in touch one way or another. He talks to his father as if in the movie, Topper.

Machat’s father helped keep him on their joint path as they swayed with women in their lives and the extra ego those women caused satisfying their then needs. 

These were experiences that Machat reflect on as he continues to write books.  That was an Egotistical man during that time and a part of Machat that he has now shed and a journey he had to take to be the person he is today.  A man of truth and a man trying to live LOVE.

Machat opened Machat Management in LA and London in 1989. Co-managed Manhattan Transfer, managed Colin Hay of Men at Work, Adamski with and without Seal, Stevie V, Brand New Heavies, Managed and secured record deals for classic guitar duet Strunz (Costa Rican) & Farrah (Iran), et al life was busy to say the least.

In 1991-1994 Opened up ACID JAZZ USA and put out Acid Jazz collection I, II, Acid Jazz LSD (Latin soul dance) amongst other recordings. Machat was more well-known now for his diverse music talents and global experience.  And During this time provided music supervision and executive music production with Barry Levine. Films to credit, Judge Dredd, Street Fighter, Warriors of Virture, This World & Then The Fireworks.

Throughout his career, Machat never stopped utilising his legal roots, and during this period was the Business and Legal Affairs for Yamaha and their artists Chaka & Aska, and in 1994, created World Music Management where he handled the career of Angelique Kidjo and Manu Dubango, in addition to others, he also oversaw the production of the African classic, Waka Africa, a tribute album to Manu Dubango with guest appearance of top selling artists from 13 different African nations.

1995-97 – worked with Cinergi as their executive music supervisor and business consultant for their movies

1996 - opened up Prophecy Records where we did the movie sound tracks for Excess Baggage, Anaconda and created the forerunner to DVDs for home entertainment release called Digital Snow (on CD rom)

1998 – took over Break Away Record label, a Chinese financed label, whose featured artist were Nate Dogg and Barrington Levy

1999- 05 - Beginning of OCF label with artists Bizzy Bone, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Khia, Killa Priest.. Movie Sound Tracks: Bully, Frailty, Jeepers Creepers,

1999 – worked as entertainment coordinator with the Republican Party until Karl Rove took control of the party

2000-01 – music specialist for Stan Lee Media.

2003 - partnered with an independent Mexican label called Operation Sonica.

2005 – produced independent movie Splinter

2005 – This was to the year Machat separated from his wife Lisa, and wanted to understand who and what he was. He had known for a while that on reflection, life with Lisa became shallow and without meaning and he looked to make a change to his family structure.  His life was predictable and his overwhelming desire to NOT be an ATM for others who have a hold on him.

Admitting all major life moved are dictated by his energy friend SSU.

Machat is proud and happy to share his experiences of hearing spirits energy, and he went to Nazca Lines in Peru 1995/6 and saw the space ship landing strips.  He was told he was ‘ready’ and to just be open to receive.

A quick learner and drawing on his engaging personality and intelligence Machat threw himself into the creative and business process of theatre, movies, and movie soundtracks and with his dedication to the industry, already mentioned, he worked on “Elvis”, West End Production, “Private Lives” with Elizabeth Taylor, Flashdance, Streetfighter, Judge Dredd, Stan Lee Properties, HOPE an album with the Dali Lama dedicated to Peace, and the award winning music documentary Bird On A Wire about Leonard Cohen’s travels from Dublin, Ireland to Tel Aviv, Israel.  His latest film Saving The Motherland was an epic Russian WW2 drama centred around the Battle of Stalingrad. Producing Climate Live, a documentary in which Machat draws into sharp focus the irretrievable damage mankind has inflicted on the planet.

His passion and belief on what we are doing to the planet is something he has, and always will be passionate about and in his later years as an ‘elder’ of this visit to Earth, he wants to share his findings and views. These findings are catalogued in his books.

Machat had a lifestyle of a rock and roll materialistic King, he partied with his wife around the globe, was hosted by gangsters and arms dealers. He partied with NY, London, Miami’s elite and lived a life of Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll.  A materialistic world where people, and loved ones fed off him like vultures eating flesh in the wild.

Machat divorced Lisa Machat in 2006. Reunited with Real World Records and opened Namaste Recordings where he put out Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan brother duo from India, Temple of Sound and also created healing music using crystal quartz bowls (called the Crystal Quartz Bowl Collection) from over 26 healers from around the world.  These experiences shaped his spiritual awareness, and he was now mixing with like-minded individuals who understood and respected his psyche.

2007 – he became Legal Counsel for an independent oil and gas software leasing company called Merrick. Helped with immigration and contracts. This venture allowed him to travel to the Middle East as well as the oil region in Mexico and India.

Machat moved full time to the UK in 2008 to ensure his book ‘Gods Gangsters, and Honor’ published in 2009. Six years in the making and created whilst watching his predictable life unravel and his desire to fulfill his destiny, he left behind a lover and her Oil company, of which he was running her business affairs, and ran from this polluted way of life.  Doing this, he gave up using someone’s else’s ATM machine by playing the matrix killing game.

The book, Gods, Gangsters and Honour, is filled with stories about the celebrities he worked with, and to shed light on careers of many of the top icons of the music industry.  This book tells readers how he manipulated his world.

This same year, Machat met his 2nd wife, Mischa Estrada, and they married on October 15, 2011 in Glastonbury in the UK on Mt Tor.  This in one of the places in the world that Machat feels intense spiritual connections.

Returning to the story of ‘Bird On A Wire’, its revival was in 2009 when Leonard Cohen got in touch with Machat after the original film footage had been located, he offered the footage as an olive branch to Machat. The film canisters were fragile and in parts had already disintegrated as almost 4 decades had passed.  The 296 film canisters were then edited and they produced Bird On A Wire in 2010.

Machat, whose father had died by this time, was about to undertake a Herculean task that consumed his life for a long time, in honor of his father’s memory and a legacy that remains with Machat to this day.  The film was released at the Greenman music festival in 2010.

Gods Gangsters & Honor was released in hard copy in 2009 and in paperback in 2010.  This led onto Machat giving lectures and touring the UK and Europe promoting the book at Colleges and Universities, music and law schools, and book and festivals. 

His messaging was clear. 

Meanwhile mid 2010, in the UK his son Barron was creating his record label ‘Hippos In Tanks’ based in London and LA, which Machat partnered with him on and oversaw the business. Made deals for the label with Universal, outside North America, and Sony through their independent distributor Red in North America.  Machat had the same faith in his son as his father had with him.

In 2011 Machat wrote his book HIGHWAYS OF MAN using a technique called Remote Viewing and how individuals get control of communities and what happens from this disorder when people force learning that “they are better than you” and therefore, you must obey. A history, philosophy, business, sociology, religion and a pop culture book, dealing with man through the eyes of Machat, a game player.  The book was published in America by CMI Publishing in 2012.

After the book was published, Machat moved back to America to settle in 2012 in Miami beach. The same year CMI published his third book, MAN, COMMUNITY AND LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM, which is the conclusion to HIGHWAYS OF MAN. This became the foundation to a non-political party that he started with his wife in America. They travelled America promoting this new paradigm and worked at public awareness around repealing the Federal Reserve act of 1913. This traveling reacquainted him with his country and gave him the energy to continue the path of helping the nation heal, “Where we can create the American Dream” said Machat.  His belief that music plays a very important role in healing and awakening.

2013 - Moved Hippos In Tanks distribution to Redeye in North Carolina where they released new recordings by artists Dean Blunt, James Ferraro, Gatekeeper, Arca, Sleep-over, Inga Copeland, ADR, Grimes and others.   Reopened OCF with Jason Myatt and Mike (Cheese) Rereleasing Kurupt, Nate Dog/Kurupt recordings as well as unreleased masters of Nat Dogg and the Daz Dillinger catalog. New artists for OCF, Krooked Treez and The Motown Project.

Also in 2013, he worked on a lecture series called THE SECRET & SACRED KNOWLEDGE OF MUSIC – from Creation to Exploitation which was being performed weekly at the Sobe Arts  Black Box Theater in Miami Beach and was released as his 4th book and an audio format.

The opening of CMI management happened this year, and his first client was artist Ariel Pink.

Machat’s immersed himself in all, and the books became a huge part of him.   They all hold a common theme that runs through; Why we do the things we do in believing a God saying this is what I expect from you? Who is this God? And, Why do we believe this is Love when it’s only a crucifixion of others in their human form.  Why we do the things we do, believing a God saying this is what I expect from you? Who is this God? And, Why do we believe this is Love when it’s only a crucifixion of others in their human form.  How we, as a community of mankind, living here on earth with individual quests that we lose or maintain the strength to discover the reasons why?

Machats Books:

  1. Gods Gangsters and Honor/Honor. First edition 2009, Second 2010, Third 2013, Fourth 2019.
  2. Highway of Man. 2012
  3. Man, Community Living the American Dream. 2011/12 (sequel to Highway of Man)
  4. Sacred Knowledge - A Rock N Rollers Guide to Higher Consciousness 2014 Updated 2015.
  5. Spiritual Insomnia - A journey from consciousness.
  6. Book of Earth Opus One. Colonization of Earth and The Making of Mankind. 2019.

Released this year as Unraveling the Bible.

  1. The Creation of Ozzy From the Alters of his Black Sabbath. The Myths and Naked Truth. 2019
  2. The History of Viruses. And Their Effects of Mankind Then and Now. Metaphysical Truths 2019
  3. Book of Earth Opus Two Taking Jesus Off The Cross. 2021
  4. Act 10 from Book of Earth Opus Two. Taking Jesus Off The Cross. 2020
  5. Coming. Book of Earth Opus Three. “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.”

Ultimately, his goal on the journey of the creation of his books was to discover the truths to the questions we all ask, like, Why we are here? And, Here to do what? and Where do we go from here?  Machat writes the books as he reaches the conclusions in order.  As our lives navigate their way to our end on earth, What we ask when we are young gets buried in our lives of being sheep. Machat answers his questions, and shares the thought process that delivers these answers, and Book Three of Earth has the answer for all to receive on this repeat journey of ours here in this earths dimension.

Still married to Mischa Marie Estrada, in 2013, Machat spent time meditating in his Miami beach apartment and this is where he was to have huge energetic shift in his life, Tuesday 11th June 2013, a 3-day meeting with the divine, and trying to understand and connect with his spiritual self on a higher level and moreover, his desire to fulfill his destiny was paramount.

Whilst sitting facing the sun in his Miami beach apartment, Machat was reading at the time a book by Indian Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, and had an unending desire to know answers, why? Machat provokes people to get answers and trying to elevate people trying to put a smile on their faces and asking why they submit, to ask why they give in, to ask why they eat food they know is no good for them? Why, Why, Why?

Yogananda kept saying in his book to ask God to show himself. Machat did just that, “God Tell me where you are? Show yourself to me! Why are you playing hide and seek? Talk to me I know you are there, I know you exist, I know it…”       Machat heard a clap in his head – then a sound of silence but a vibrational form – he heard the energies that sang out to his ears ‘the presence of the Lord”.   The clap happened again.  He repeated, “God show yourself to me, please share the love that others feel when they meet you, Yogananda said I need to ask you” – the clap happened again.  “The presence of the lord” were words Machat heard.  He went straight to his computer, and intuitively played ‘In the Presence of the Lord” Derick and the Dominos.  This song transported him back to the first day as a Freshman at the University of Miami. 

His need was to teach schools and create the Secret Knowledge School.  This was the start of the transformation.  He didn’t really know how to feel, but he stopped caring about making money.  Through music – this was the direction he was to educate.   This was the day – this is where he could see clearly. 

Machat’s belief is that music energy makes your body float or sink in your mind then causes the body energy to dance or cry or just exist at that moment in time.  This includes the ripple effect the sound hitting your body that the energy field causes and after that energy of noise which includes a voice talking to you is now behind you, but still echoing in your energy field of particles on a much higher level than you are taught exists.

The song started playing, he went to beyond through his third eye. By the end of the song he opened his eyes and saw joy like he’d never seen before.  He then heard “close the eyes and just relax”.  He saw love as pure beauty and grace, the act of creations from nothing, he visualised where we all come from – everything – he saw God and all.  He understood the lessons of Yogi Bhajan – he said,  he finally understands the words “You can’t see God at all – then you can’t see God at all”.   He realised that he is a messenger – a traveller of the world, a rock and roller and a student of life, who loves each and every breath of life and he loves each and every moment of it.

The next 3 days he meditated and just played music and what he could get from songs and lyrics.  He then started putting together the pieces of his life, and then his thirst for why the knowledge was taken away.

Machat realised, that instead of making money, he wanted to make seeds, that when planted would become the building blocks of love.  And if you create with love you will never stop attracting.

His then wife, had quite literally a nervous breakdown after Machat revealed he had that level of connection with God.  That was to be the end of their marriage in 2014.

Each day of Machat’s life he communes with God, and his connection is stronger and stronger as each day passes.   Many of Machats moves and changes have been with the guidance of God.

Machat headed to Cuba and started producing music, Machat’s Cuban artist ‘Dayriamir Gonzales’ got nominated for three Grammy’s.  He then wrote Three Books of Earth whilst travelling and researching the books.   To this day Machat is regarded as ‘famous’ in Cuba.    His artists have been nominated for countless Grammy’s.

2014 -2015 Machat taught at the Miami Art Institute, the class was based on how one creates.

Machat, a parent to his two beloved children Barron and Margaux, however, Barron’s life came to a tragic ending on the 8th April 2015, after being involved in a fatal car accident which would see him leave Machat, as any parent would be, devastated and broken.  “No words can explain the loss-the absences-the misgivings I had that morning, and even right now and the absence of love I lost in this Plane called Earth.” 

Machat was a rock to everyone at this time, but himself.  His beloved son who was his shadow from the day he was born, was gone.  Machat’s spirituality heightened the night Barron’s earth body died.  Baron’s spiritual presence visited Machat in the form of a hologram wearing the clothes he died in.  Crying yet smiling at the state of his father, but apologised and said he panicked and that he should never have been in the car, and he regretted not telling his father what was going on and that everything Machat wrote in the book is true! – and the Machat told him “he didn’t need to die to find the truth”. Barron was given Xanax by a drug dealer to calm him while he drove to get the rapper, Yung Lean, he had signed to his music label, drugs.  Machat’s book, Sacred Knowledge, is dedicated to Barron who originally disagreed with accepting God, not the God or the gods, but the eternal and more, the God of everything we can imagine or will imagine is LOVE.  Like Machat says ‘Love is God and God is Love’. 

Machat knows where Barron is now and it is explained in his Book of Earth Three – We Got To Get Out Of This Place.   Machat admits he never can and will come to terms with the loss of his son, and he never has been able to heal himself, however, he knows he’s safe and well and will always be enveloped in love and still communicates with him on a higher level.

Machat ran for the US Senate as an independent in Florida in 2016, and then in 2018 ran for US Congress in Florida’s 26th District as a progressive Democrat.  He was on his way to securing the position until the DCCC put as he describes ‘their puppet’ in to run against him in a primary with a military man making it a three-way race. Machat ran as a Democrat and decided to drop out.  However, Machat wanted to share his wisdom of the world and working with governments on a global basis.  Being aware of what many have in their lives and many simply do not. Machat is patriotic and believed all he wanted to achieve was ‘good’.  Machat’s knowledge of history on all levels, a lover of art and sciences and his desire to communicate as a growing ability with others, to apply the lessons of energy when a nation becomes lopsided.  A man driven by communicating LOVE and one who shares his passion of the arts and sciences, the message was to ‘Balance with Unity’.   A man who gets angry when living in a closed situation by those in control who run their domain using fear and perpetuating ignorance.

Unity is Machat’s message. Unite your team and if you have differences give everyone hope that things will change when things are dark and most are suffering. And your territory believes in each other make that belief the most important point.  Machat ran as an independent and was not blue or red but a white light.  The vanilla of all colours that comes through the prisms of our minds and that tells us colours we think and we see, and are told this is that particular colours name.

Recognising that running as an independent would be hard, but with every fiber of his being, Machat felt he could have been the ‘Uniter’ as US Senate, because the Political Party is not always right. He felt and feels people must do what’s right for the State we represent, as well as the Nation.  Not what’s right for the two US Political Parties that are private parties not owned by the government nor the people but they are run by their charter in each jurisdiction that allows them to be on the ballot.

Machats legacy is to be a friend of mankind, a protector of Mother Earth. A man of LOVE living with the creations of mankind uninhibited by fears of many and answering only to GOD.  Motto:  Stay awake and happy.

Margaux, Machat’s daughter is travelling a dark path, and is a drug addict in society’s terms, and believes a severely mentally challenged individual.  Even as a child his daughter saw no boundaries.  Drugs and pills that pharmacies sell and US Health Insurance covers, regardless of the harm were always available. Margauxs’ mother, Machat’s first wife was clinically diagnosed with Munchausen by Proxy as well as other border line disorders and reviled in Margaux being ill. This gave his ex-wife a purpose in life. Margaux has a close relationship with her father, and he continues to support her as much as he can even whilst she chooses to live homeless and on drugs.  Margaux is at peace with this, and has asked her father to also be.  Machat’s learnings from his daughter were that we cannot control others and even with love, it wouldn’t impact what is to be a dark journey for his daughter. The system tried with law enforcements, that also didn’t work.  Machat managed to have his daughter committed and only once it worked.  He was her guardian but she’d escape and run.  Machat had no help from Margaux’s mother as she was ‘embarrassed’ by her daughter.  Machat lives with the knowledge he tried all he could and accepts Margaux for all she is.  He continues to be there for his daughter and drops everything to be by her side whenever he is needed.

Machat lectured at Oxford and Cambridge, amongst other locations in the continent, he shared his views on the process of creation to students, and the latest new Gods called celebrities of the living, at this moment from a lifetime of making music Gods.

Machat’s love of history and his ability to question everything and the analytical gift he has, marries this process to the history of mankind and how certain characters transcend mortal status and become the celebrity of their time.  His observations:

  • Witnessing how we create the energy storm to make celebrities without exception gods in the minds of those who follow them, not understanding that in the end they are only normal physical beings living a role they choose.
  • Celebrities use their energies to attract, like a flower does a bee, the followers that flock every time the scent of the celebrities is released into the air of awareness.
  • This is the game of media and like a plant is perpetuated we call it propaganda.

This is the premise of Gods, Gangsters and Honour.

One of Machat’s life lessons is that he/we should have taken care of his/our body, the recognition and lessons to others is Mother Earth blessed each and every one of us to live in the biosphere earth created, because when we entered, we were given the best body earth could make with all its parts and energies and chemicals as well as viruses and bacteria, fungi and energies and chemicals.   This was highlighted when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1986.

Mother Earth controls us and we must learn that lesson not our father God Consciousness.

Which leads onto Machat’s views on the History of Viruses, and their effects on mankind then and now. The History of Viruses. And Their Effects On Mankind Then And Now.  Metaphysical Truths. The book shows you the metaphysical truth of our lives building an industrial agricultural military one world coming controlling by the few order.

This book is different than all the others, as it deals with the cause of everything that happens here on Earth and the effects those causes cause on the Earth.

Mankind is Nature and we are the only species on earth that causes global changes on earth and assume it is our consciousness right to change the environment that gives us live with this body made up of the elements of Earth.

This book goes over the history of earthlings making our worldwide urban regions to dwell in and what happens every time we change the earth producing food system to feed the increased population that comes from the changes we make to Mother Earth and our waters-our land and our air to feed and house our urban populations.

The Virus is just like a fungi that lives on the ground and produces spores to spread it species. Think truffles and see the virus as a truffle in the air. A fungi is not a plant, or animal but part of the creation of live process that gives us all live there on Earth. The virus is alive and lives in our air and comes out of Earth and lands back on earth and we have in our bodies organs the food the species needs to live on as it does living inside Earth.

The major point? We polluted Earth with chemicals and other toxins to make more food that Earth did not make before we tinkered with the ingredients of Earth making for humans a different Earth producing world.  The virus becomes is part of our atmosphere and we need to accept this truth and get on with fixing it so we can live and ensure it does not happen again.

Machat shares, in the book, how it gets into our bodies, and also how once inside your body it searches for glucose and will attack those organs where we store our sugars.

The ending of the book shares how we can protect ourselves by using breath to help us build an outer shield to stop the invasion of viruses from entering our body. The shield is called Aura. We are not taught to protect ourselves by having the energy to fight the body invaders which includes negative thoughts and emotions of others which they throw our way. 

Machat is a messenger, his words on the meaning of life should and need to be heard.

“You live life to live your dreams as that is why you are here on Earth. You do not get there if you give up and live others dreams and just become their sheep as they are your Sheppard”.

“We live life to learn love. Love is what we came to Earth to learn.  Love is the opening door to this dimension of existence.  It is the honey and you are the bee. Love is the key we must turn as we live our life with all its peaks and valleys, the twist and turns of the season of our lives in the present form of our existence.”

“We are just a living thought and every thought has its seasons of birth, youth adulthood when we are our strongest and then the autumn of our thought and the natural physical death until we become a new thought”

Does anyone know the real Steven Machat? – Machat would argue that no one knows the real anyone. All you know is the past that exist because certain energies controlled your view of the world at that precise moment of energy affecting your consciousness on earth at that moment in time.

You live to learn LOVE and learn the real YOU. Can you be noble as a being or Noble as an animal who justifies killing or stealing and lying and controlling others to make your dream everyone else’s path that they must live. This is the cause of reincarnation as you return to fix what you did not get done before.

Music has always played a huge role in Machat’s life, to date he has worked with some of the biggest icons of our time (Music Gods) as Machat refers to them; Electric Light Orchestra, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Ready for the World, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, Snoop Dogg, Buena Vista Social Club, New Edition, Bobby Brown

Manu DiBango, Rita Lee, Yung Lean and The Sad Boys.

The bands that Machat has worked with have allowed him to explore the wants and needs of the creative few who work and sacrifice their existence to express themselves. Machat believes without this extensive experience he would not be who he is today.

He has worked with the Dahlia Lama, and created an album ‘Give Them Hope’.  The Dahlia Lama blessed the album which Machat released entitled ‘Hope’.  The album’s lead instrument, the sarod, played by maestro Muslim-Indian Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and his interpretation of classic Christmas songs in an effort to bring peace to all of mankind and our divided but yet sacred cultures. Steven was living with a Muslim lover at the time and his desire to share the message that we are all members of the One Consciousness of all Mankind who all can heal each other by playing music, his belief is that we are all taught the meaning of love and this album was to bring a God energy in your hearts not just your head.

Music is Machat’s baton that he uses to orchestrate his world and the energy he requires to get him to be the band leader of the emotion he needs in order to lift him on his quest for that moment.  For years Machat has been exposed to a mass on different music types, and he has studied the effects music has on us and this is why he is regarded as a world and energy specialist in and on music of the spheres loving all music and the music Machat choses to hear is the effects he is searching for in that moment.

Machat is producing music to make people smile. Having been on the dark-side of music noise, and eternal side of noise, Machat is concentrating on youth and the pop culture.  The return to real rock and real country though a ‘control’ process of promoting music to the masses.  His current ‘Pop Artist’ are live musicians as opposed to industrial computer homemade music that need a DJ to play their computer which plays a computer interpretation of live instrumental in a digital as opposed to analog music which is better to touch all our physical senses, which digital music does not.

Roxx Revolt and the Velvets is a rock travelling show and Machat is adamant that political correctness needs to go, and to allow everyone to express themselves, their dreams, and wishes in musical forms.  Machat has experienced enough depressed lyricists in his time, and does not agree with the mentality of listening to sad songs to depress you further, by using music and his legacy is to return live music back to the community of those who are young at heart as well as young in body form.

The student of music not concerned with popular acceptance but cultural significance music allows you to learn and understand the beats and rhythms of life that make your heart beat to escape your controlling mind or required order.

Steven’s life, a timeline

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