Steven Machat

Steven Machat, one of the world’s most successful entertainment moguls, and Founder of the Label ‘SSK Records’ has been in the entertainment industry for over 5 decades, representing famous artists globally, such as; ELO, Genesis, Peter Gabriel and Leonard Cohen. His eclectic and diverse taste in music genres have inspired his present goal of bringing true, raw and an undiluted spectrum of talents back to the worlds stage.  Most recently his Rock ‘n Roll band, Roxx Revolt & the Velvets being the perfect act to follow in this Machat tradition.  Machat is also a film Producer and Author.

Submissions are now closed. 

“We at SSK Records are looking for an artist(s) that creates, and most importantly, does not copy what already exists. We are looking for those that live with an imagination and seek to express their positive energy and through song and dance”, continued Machat. 

“Having experienced the ‘dark-side’ of music noise and from living in over 100 countries, my goal is to produce up-beat music that will make people smile in a world where we desperately need it, and remind people of positivity and self-belief”, said Machat.

SSK Records latest signing – Roxx Revolt and the Velvets