We’ve Got to Get Out of this Place

The Book of Earth – Opus Three

With over 5 decades of life experiences, Machat answers five timeless questions of humanity and all its religions and philosophical quests? Those timeless questions of all human ages are
1) Who are we?
2) Who are you?
3) Who am I?
4) Why are we here?
and the one that scares most people
5) where do we go to after we are released from our physical bodies at the moment of Earth Death? 

Is Ascension your trip to your next new life? Or is it reincarnation in a return trip to your current dimension of Earth’s life.  

The book shares with you the game of life. The game and all the energy platforms of existence before you retire your quest and just go home to GOD. GOD the creator of all energy and more. 

The book is written from a Renaissance man who used music and film, a rock n’ rollers perspective, who has lived everywhere and studied the arts and sciences of those beings who shared this quest now and before at their Schools of Sacred Knowledge around our globe, on how we are created and why. 

The book imparts to you the choices you have at death in this earth dimension and tells you about multi-dimensional travel and how it is done with the quantum physics concept of moving energy. Movements we shall discover create time and space by using gravitational forces to create physical structures. The quest of our quantum physical scientist and their growing metaphysical truths. 

The book answers those five questions and ends in the timeless pursuit, our quest to discover GOD the source and where it all begins and how it can all end.